REACH Academy Charter School

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2016-2021 Approved Charter Application

Background Information

REACH Academy Charter School is a free, public charter school located in Buffalo’s Willert Park District and will serve families in all surrounding areas. 

The school’s scheduled opening is August 2017, with an initial offering of classes in Kindergarten through First Grade.  At the end of its first charter, REACH Academy will be serving 480 students in grades K-5.  True to its mission, REACH Academy will guide these scholars to achievement of high academic standards and to exhibit qualities of service, leadership, character and citizenship.

REACH Academy Charter School will offer a groundbreaking, hands-on educational program to families seeking creative preparation in all Common Core areas.  Any and all public comment on this proposal and its impact on the educational options available to Buffalo area families is welcome.

We want all stakeholders, which include all families in the City of Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs, community members, and public officials to comment on this proposal. Please visit the New School Questionnaire page or click the link.

School Environment

  • Small Class Sizes —-20:1
  • Extended School Day
  • Extended Academic Calendar
  • School Environment created to foster the student's natural desire to explore his or her world around them
  • Embedded Enrichment Classes that extend Music, Information Technology and the Visual Arts.
  • Mandatory Student Uniforms
  • Observation areas within each classroom to ensure that your child is receiving the absolute best educational experience.
  • Use of Current Educational Technologies to to enhance classroom instruction and develop Technological Literacy. 
  • After-school enrichment through exploratory programs
  • After-school athletic programs
  • Physical Education in all grades.
  • Evening family activities
  • Intersession Labs hosted at RACS during school recesses.
  • Transportation provided by Buffalo Public Schools for students who live in Buffalo. Suburban students would be transported by their home school        district.
  • Special Education Programs are available for students with a disability.
  • English as a Second Language Programs are available. 
  • A collaboration between Catholic Charities and REACH Academy will bring access to all programs held within the Catholic Charities scope of              services to the school.