REACH Academy Charter School

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Complaints by citizens and members of the REACH Academy Charter School Community regarding any facet of the school operation can be handled more effectively and expeditiously by those closest to the source of the complaint. Therefore, complaints should be directed to the teacher, coach, or other school employee who is familiar with the nature and origin of the complaint.

If the complainant’s concerns are not resolved at this level to satisfaction, the complaint may then be directed to the Head of School or his/her designee. The Head of School may require the statement of the complainant be in writing.

If the complainant’s concerns are not resolved with the Head of School with satisfaction, the complaint may be brought to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will address the complaint at its next scheduled meeting and issue a written response within 30 days of the meeting.

If the complainant believes the Board of Trustees has not adequately addressed the issue, they have the right to appeal to the New York State Board of Regents. All complaints to the Board of Regents must be in writing and must include; the details of the complaint, a copy of the response received from the school’s Board of Trustees, copies of all correspondences between the complainant, the school and the Board of Trustees, a statement of what action or relief the complainant is seeking and contact information for the complainant

The decision will be issued by the New York State Education Commissioner and copies will be provided to the complainant and to the school.