REACH Academy Charter School

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School Mission

Mission Statement

~Our Mission, Our Promise~

The Mission of REACH Academy Charter School is to ensure the achievement of high academic standards for City of Buffalo students through a hands-on authentic learning environment. Scholars of REACH Academy Charter School will learn the value of Service, Leadership, Character and Citizenship, along with effective Communication Skills as evident in reading, writing, mathematical and technological competencies. REACH Academy Charter School will provide the tools for scholars to rise above the limitations often posed by poverty, disability and the struggle to achieve English Language Proficiency.

School Objectives

1. To close the gap on poverty, REACH Academy Charter School will provide an enormous amount of rich language experiences designed specifically to develop language abilities in vocabulary and background knowledge.

2. The development of strong literacy and language skills make up the basic foundation for all learning. Scholars at REACH Academy Charter School will develop strong communication skills as evident in reading, writing, mathematical and technological competencies.

3. While learning to read fluently and comprehending meaning are critical to academic success, it is not enough to bridge the gap for students in poverty. Building background knowledge and increasing vocabulary skills are essential to strengthen the language skills of students from impoverished homes. REACH Academy Charter School will provide rich authentic opportunities for students to build the necessary language skills needed to compete in the 21st century.