REACH Academy Charter School

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Meet Our Staff


Linda Marszalek

Head of Schools

Mrs. Marszalek is an educator who brings more than 29 years of experience. She has extensive experience in leadership roles, including posts as a Chief Academic Officer and Head of School, Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, Teacher and Speech Language Pathologist. Mrs. Marszalek is well known as a champion of instruction that is based on student achievement, culture building for teachers and staff, academic intervention services and responsible financial stewardship. She received her C.A.S. in Educational Administration and her Education from the State University of New York College at Buffalo.

Michael Olsen

Director of Technology
Director of Facilities

Mr. Olsen has been an educator for 16 years, 13 of which were in the City of Buffalo, working in both public and charter schools. Mr. Olsen brings experience in charter school operations, procurement practices, school data networking and facility management. He has also served as a Chief Information Officer, Director of Facilities, Instructional Technology Coach and Technology Education Teacher in Buffalo area schools. He obtained both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Technology Education from the State University College of New York at Buffalo. 

Lisa Rogers

Dean of Students - DASA Liaison

Family Service Coordinator


Ms. Rogers holds an M.S. in Ed from Buffalo State College and a C.A.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision. She also has certifications in School and District Administration and Special Education K-12. She has served as an administrator and teacher in Buffalo area schools for 17 years, with extensive experience in the implementation of a school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System, Coordination of After School Programs, and the Development of Classroom Management and Response to Intervention Strategies. 

Amie Caster

Director of Operations
Director of Student Services

Mrs. Caster holds a BA in the Arts as well as a MA in Special Education from Daemen College. She also has a SDL in Educational Leadership from Canisius College. She has served as a special education classroom teacher and an administrator within the charter school setting for 15 years and has experience with the implementation of Response to Intervention, data analysis, and curriculum development. 

Robin Nellis

Chief Information Officer- Student Intake Coordinator - McKinney Vento Liaison

Ms. Nellis has earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English from the State University of New York College at Geneseo. Ms. Nellis will serve as CIO, In-Take Coordinator and Board Clerk for REACH Academy CS where she will oversee the student management system, in-take coordination of new students, district billing and student enrollment/attendance.

Anna Chiavaroli

ELA/ Math Instructional Coach

Mrs. Chiavaroli has been an educator for 8 years and holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Canisius College. She is dually certified in Birth-6th Grade General Education and Special Education.  She is currently completing classes to obtain an additional Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision with a School District Leader license. She is making the transition from Kindergarten Teacher at REACH to Instructional Coach for ELA where she will be assisting various grade levels with curriculum development, assessments and data collection. 

Lee Pierce

Director of Strategic Planning


Mr. Pierce has been in public education for 18 years.  Mr. Pierce's experience includes a grade 5 city school teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal at the Middle School level, 11 years as an Elementary School Principal, and an Adjunct Professor at the College level.  He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in School District Administration.

His educational beliefs state that:

The building of relationships is the key to overall school success.  In order to build strong and lasting relationships all parties must be held to the same, high standard of academic and behavioral expectations.  Students/Children have the ability to be anything they choose to be if they are respectful and responsible citizens.  School expectations should be no different than that of home expectations. 

Pamela Sharp

Math Instructional Coach

Ms. Sharp brings over 15 years of experience in education to REACH Academy CS.  Ms. Sharp holds a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in mathematics and a M.S in Education from SUNY College at Buffalo. Ms. Sharp will serve as an Instructional Coach for Mathematics where she will be assisting various grade levels with curriculum development, assessments and data collection.

Staff Listing- Alphabetical

Aquino Rachel                                                  Teacher - Fourth Grade                                          

Arana Jessica                                                   Teacher - Kindergarten                                          

Booth Abigail                                                    Teacher - Third Grade                                            

Boughton Eva                                                   Teacher - Fourth Grade Special Education         

Castellano Andrew                                           Teacher - Fourth Grade                                         

Christian Laura                                                 Teacher - Second Grade Special Education       

Conner Lexi                                                       Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Cooper Brianna                                                 Teacher - Fourth Grade Special Education        

Cowperthwait Lisa                                            School Registered Nurse                                               LCowperthwait

Cox Lindsey                                                      Teacher - Kindergarten                                         

Crane Seth                                                        Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Czarniak April                                                   Teacher - First Grade Special Education            

Damasiewicz Amy                                            Teacher - First Grade                                            

Davis Leslie                                                      Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Demma Caitlyn                                                 Teacher - First Grade                                           

Donegan Hillary                                               Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Dyett Emily                                                       Teacher - Science                                                  

Enzian Devon                                                   Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Frey Allison                                                      Teacher - Second Grade                                       

Gilbert DaJinay                                                Teacher - Second Grade                                       

Hall Meghan                                                     Teacher -Third Grade                                            

Halleck Melissa                                                Teacher - Kindergarten                                         

Hayes Taylor                                                    Teacher - Kindergarten                                         

Hernandez Kelly                                              Teacher - Kindergarten Special Education          

Higgins James                                                 Teacher - Physical Education                               

Houghton Melissa                                           Teacher - Fourth Grade                                         

Hunt Samantha                                                Teacher - Second Grade                                       

Jaehn Caitlynn                                                 Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Jasinowski Kelly                                              Teacher - First Grade                                            

Jenkins Brianna                                               Teacher - Science                                                  

Jones Donna                                                    Teacher Assistant - Second Grade                      

Keem Melissa                                                   Social Worker                                                        

Kerr Jessica                                                     Teacher - Second Grade                                       

Koning Sarah                                                   Teacher - Second Grade                                       

Kovacs Lucas                                                  Teacher - Music                                                      

Kucharski Sophia                                            Teacher - Kindergarten Special Education         

Lake Jennifer                                                   Speech Language Pathologist                             

Large Casey                                                     Teacher - Second Grade                                       

LeBarron Michelle                                           Teacher - Third Grade                                           

Linhart Robert                                                 Teacher - Physical Education                               

McDougald Dena                                             Administrative Assistant                                      

Mescall Lauren                                                Reading Specialist                                                

Munyon Fox                                                     Library Media Specialist                                       

O'Hara Kaitlyn                                                 Teacher in Development - Third Grade                          KO'

Okiec Rachel                                                   Teacher - Kindergarten Special Education         

Papia Danielle                                                 Teacher - Fourth Grade                                         

Perez Shalymar                                               Clerk                                                                       

Peters Jamie                                                   Teacher - First Grade                                             

Probst Brittany                                                Speech Language Pathologist / SPED Coord.   

Sciandra Maria                                                Teacher - ESL                                                         

Shaffer LeighAnn                                            Associate Teacher - First Grade                           

Simkin Alexandria                                          Teacher - Third Grade Special Education            

Smith Ramon                                                  Teacher Assistant                                                  

Smith Megann                                                 Teacher - Kindergarten                                         

Smith-Dilisi Allison                                         Teacher - First Grade                                            

Timm Jessica                                                  Teacher - First Grade                                            

Turley Xonia                                                    Teacher - First Grade                                            

Van Lieu Melissa                                             Teacher Assistant - Reading Specialist              

Waite Beth                                                       Teacher Assistant - Second Grade                      

Wolford Julie                                                   Teacher - Kindergarten                                         

Wright Lucinda                                                Long Term Teacher - Art                                      

Yelder William                                                  Community Laison                                              

Wyatt Amy                                                       Teacher - Second Grade