REACH Academy Charter School

Phone: (716) 248-1485   Main Office Fax: (716) 248-2833   Health Office Fax: (716) 852-2102 


Student Pickup Information:

1. All adults must be ready to provide PHOTO IDENTIFICATION and be listed on the approved pickup list before the school can release any student from the school.

2. If you know in advance that you are picking up your child,

   i. PROVIDE A NOTE to the school office stating that you will be picking your child up and the approximate time of the pickup. 

  ii. PHONE CALL to the school stating that you will be picking your child up and the approximate time of the pickup. Please notify          the school prior to 3:00 PM so that we have enough time to notify your child's teacher. Notification anytime after 3:00 PM may      
     result in your request not being able to be fulfilled.

3. If you do not provide advance pickup information, you must pick up your child prior to 4:15 PM or they will be placed on the school bus for transport home.

Any questions please call the school office directly at 716-248-1485. Thank you.

First Student Bus Information:

Student bus transportation is provided by First Student Transportation and routed through Buffalo Public Schools Transportation Department. All student transportation changes may take up to 2 weeks to become effective. Confirmation of any transportation change(s) will be made via USPS mail directly from First Student to the home address on file. Transportation changes almost always become effective on Wednesdays.

Any questions regarding missed bus stops, student belongings left on the school bus, late bus arrivals, etc. should be directed to the terminal that your child's bus is dispatched from, please reference the terminal list below.

First View Bus Tracker App:

Looking to ease the school morning rush? FirstView™ Parent App is your morning and afternoon resource for knowing the location of your student’s bus, estimated arrival times at your student’s stop and the bus's arrival or departure from school.

  • Live Tracking and Predictive Stop Arrival Times: Shows location and direction of your student’s bus, stop times for the day and times for school arrivals and departures.

  • Custom Alerts and Messages: Set up push or email alerts for when your student's bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away from the stop. Alerts provide messages about delays; the reasons for and an estimated length.

  • Additional User Notifications: Main users of the FirstView™ Parent App can connect three additional email accounts to receive email alerts.